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Methane, CNG sensor MQ4 breakout

Methane, CNG sensor MQ4 breakout


Have you ever wondered how much natural gas and methane are in your living room? You can easily measure that! The MQ4 breakout board is a simple-to-use sensor that detects the natural gas and methane (CH4) in the air. Once heated to working temperature, it detects changes in air concentrations very quickly between 200 and 10000 ppm.

On the through-holes, the DO stands for digital out and AO for analog out. The digital output is obtained by setting a threshold value using the potentiometer. The analog output will depend on the intensity of the gas around the sensor.

Product usage tips:

The sensor will take 24 hours to preheat to working temperature. The LED on the board will glow when gas is detected, and remain off when it’s not. The board can easily be secured in place using the two mounting holes. It comes with four pins that need to be soldered.

Due to its long life, you can use this board for years without much of a thought. Dipping the sensor in water and freezing it will damage it, so avoid doing that. Highly corrosive gases will weaken it significantly, making it useless.