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Hydrogen sensor MQ8 breakout

Hydrogen sensor MQ8 breakout


Hydrogen is all around us, and it’s very flammable. Its leakage can be very dangerous to both life and property. That’s why it’s important to detect any leakage to prevent in the industry. To help with that, hydrogen sensors like the MQ8 breakout board are used. The sensor detects hydrogen at the range of 100-1000 ppm.

The digital and analog outs are on the breakout through-hole pins. They are marked as DO and AO respectively. By setting a threshold value with a potentiometer, you can get the digital output. The analog output will depend on how much gas is detected around the sensor.

Product usage tips:

The sensor needs 48 hours to preheat to optimal working temperature. The LED on the board will remain off if it detects no gas, and will glow once it does. Two mounting holes allow you to easily secure the board in place. The four pins provided need to be soldered.

Due to its long life, you won’t have to worry about changing the sensor often. To prevent damage to the sensor, do not submerge it underwater or freeze it. It will be weakened by highly corrosive gases as well.