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Ammonia sensor MQ137 breakout

Ammonia sensor MQ137 breakout


The MQ137 sensor’s sensitivity and selectivity allow it to effectively detect and measure ammonia levels, making it a valuable tool for applications such as gas leakage detection, agricultural monitoring, and environmental sensing. By integrating the MQ137 sensor with appropriate electronic circuits and microcontrollers like Dasduino, you can create systems that provide real-time monitoring and prompt alerts in the presence of hazardous ammonia concentrations. It takes a short time to heat up in order to work correctly.

The breakout board works with both digital (DO) and analog signals (AO). The digital output is obtained by setting a threshold value with a potentiometer. The analog output will differ depending on the intensity of the gas.

Product usage tips:

When gas is detected, the LED will start glowing. It will remain off if it doesn’t detect anything. Two mounting holes enable easy mounting to surfaces. The board comes with four male headers that need to be soldered.